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Terms Of Use

Authorizing in ATGRPH application you agree to terms of use

The Autograph welcomes you! The User Agreement consists of the present text, and other terms and conditions, instructions, specified in the course of committing any action. Please read this Agreement attentively before using the Autograph Internet service, its products, mobile apps and Website. Using products of the Autograph, you agree and accept terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree with the Agreement or with its part, you can not and shall not use products of the Autograph. When developing the present Agreement, we were fair and honest with you. If you have any questions, ask us via email


(1) The Autograph reserves the right to unilaterally change the Agreement, publishing the text via the Autograph services. We will notify you of the Agreement change. The changes come into force at the time of the notice or within the period, specified in the notice. Changes will not extend to the previous relations that existed before introduction of changes. You are responsible for viewing and becoming familiar with any changes of the Agreement. The Autograph products use, after entry into force of changes, will mean your acceptance of such changes. In case of your non-acceptance, you can not and shall not use products of the Autograph.

(2) Sometimes we can offer you to express your attitude to the changes by approval or refusal, instructions will be provided to you.

(3) The Autograph changes and updates its services. All Autograph services can be subjected to change. Changes of the Autograph services occur without prior notice. The Autograph forbids using the previous versions of services, except if use of the previous services is not directly allowed by the Autograph.

(4) To use the Autograph services you shall have full legal capacity.

(5) You undertake to observe the rules of the Autograph services use, given here.

(6) Use of the Autograph's trade designations is possible only with the Autograph's consent.

(7) The Present Agreement regulates the General requirements for using the Autograph services. Additional requirements may be set out by any means for the Autograph services or these requirements may be obvious when using the Autograph services.

(8) The Autograph has the right to suspend/terminate actions of the service both as a whole, and as part without notice at any time. The Autograph has the right to suspend/terminate the access of persons, groups of persons to the Autograph services for any reasons and without them, with explanations and without them.

(9) The Autograph has the right to delete, withdraw of public access any content, names, logins to use. All logins are property of the Autograph.

(10) The Autograph has the right to restrict access or block access to services both for any period and forever for violation of terms of use, agreement, and other requirements of the Service.


(1) For use of the Autograph services, you have to create an account, choose a password and a name (login), which will also serve as a way of your identification in the Autograph services. You shall choose a unique login, which is not occupied by other users of the Autograph. Additional instructions and requirements may be set out upon registration in the Autograph service.

(2) You are responsible for holding your password in order to access the services of the Autograph in secret. If a password to a User account is lost by a User or became known to other persons, a User shall immediately change his/her password to access the services of the Autograph.

(3) You should provide complete, accurate information when registering, and keep it current.

(4) You are responsible for all actions, performed by means of your account, and agree to the fact that you will not sell, transfer, provide under a licence or assign your account, subscribers, user name or other rights for your account without the consent of the Autograph.

(5) A User agrees that all actions, performed on his/her behalf (with use of a user account), are treated as actions of this User and may entail responsibility for the User.

(6) A User can deactivate his/her account in the Autograph services, but he/she should understand that all content may remain in the Autograph services, also in the cases, where other users share his/her content, save and copy it.


(1) For the purposes of the Agreement, we use the term "content" to mean, without limitations, video, audio, photos, images, illustrations, animations, logos, tools, tests, answers, comments, software, scripts, information data, dialogues, conversations, a User's personal data, provided by him/her to the Autograph service.

(2) You are personally responsible for posting of the Content and all consequences, coming from its publication.

(3) Posting some Content, you undertake that you have all rights and powers, necessary for providing the rights for this Content in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

(4) Posting some Content, a User grants the right to any other user of the Autograph services for access to this Content.

(5) Publishing some Content by means of the Autograph services, you provide the Autograph with the permission for use of the Content, published by you on the Service or using it, which is non-exclusive, not implying payment of an author's fee in any forms and amounts (fully paid), allowing a transfer and sublicensing, and valid in all countries. By using Content is meant storage, reproduction, demonstration, implementation, distribution publicly or otherwise, transfer to third parties, change and adaptation. A User grants these rights to the Autograph service for improvement of quality of services, development of new services. The Autograph services will not make significant changes to a User's content, but other users can share content, changing it in any way.

(6) By adding content you allow the Autograph services to distribute it by all available means, including, but not limited to the following, distribution via mails, news feeds, information and advertising media, RSS.

(7) You understand and agree that the Autograph can advertise (information and advertising, information materials, announcements) by any way, including, in your Content.


(1) Some services, the Autograph services can be provided on a paying basis. You should pay the full cost of a service, as it will be specified, and also all expenses, associated with such payment, including, commissions and taxes.

(2) Paid services will be provided to you for any additional opportunities, not available when you use free Autograph services.

(3) You do not have the right to transfer your paid services to third parties. You can not transfer any rights, including, the rights of claim, on the relations, arising from use of the Autograph services.

(4) The Autograph can change paid services, even after their payment, their cost, nature, availability, usage period, submission period, by any way up to their cancellation or exclusion from paid services.

(5) The paid service is executed, regardless of its use. Cash can not be returned to a User, even if a User can not use the service for some reasons.

(6) A User should understand that other users can offer paid services, not related to activity of the Autograph services, for which the Autograph is not responsible.


(1) Using the Autograph services, you must understand and agree that the services are provided on an "AS IS" and "AS IT READS" basis. You use the Autograph services at your sole risk. The Autograph disclaims any warranties and confirmations, regarding the performance of the Autograph services. We do not guarantee trouble-free, continuous, faultless operation in any equipment and devices, software, systems, and also does not guarantee correction of such failures and errors. We do not guarantee an absence of malware (viruses). We do not guarantee that the service will meet your expectations. We do not guarantee and are not responsible for content of users, its compliance with rules of morality, ethics and with legislative requirements.

(2) The Autograph services are not storage services, services for saving your information, content. At any time, for any reason, all your information can be deleted, lost, damaged.

(3) The Autograph, its employees, natural and legal entities, directly or indirectly associated with the Autograph service, are not responsible for actions of users, third parties, loss of information, damage to tangible assets, losses, injuries of any kind, lost profits, infliction of emotional distress, loss of good will, threat to your safety of any kind.

(4) The administration does not control and is not obliged to take any actions, concerning control over the means, which are used by users for visiting of the Website and for using of the Website's services and applications. The administration is not responsible for the impact, which is made on customers and visitors by the Content, posted on services, how users or visitors of the Website can interpret information, posted on the Website, does not exercise control over the actions, taken by customers and visitors of the Website after reading the information, posted on the Website. The Website may contain or direct a User and visitors to the links to other websites, containing information that may seem intimidating or incorrect to others. The Autograph is not responsible for content of such websites, an access to which is obtained through services and applications of the Website, for observance of the exclusive rights of others, legality of materials, posted on such websites.

(5) The Autograph doesn't incur any obligations for ensuring confidentiality of the information, provided to its users.

(6) Relationship of a User with other users, third parties concerns only these users and third parties. The Autograph is not responsible for actions of users.

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