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Real autograph from your idol

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We created something more than just a mobile application. Act!


Virtually, there is no difference from real one. Dispense and get autographs, wherever you are.


The application will launch the front-facing camera for your selfie photo, then you will write your autograph on it. It is the most desirable form of an autograph, which is signed personally.


Download an image (for example, a promo of your new record) and write your autograph on it, having sent it to your fan with some message.


An opportunity to send up to 20 autographs at one time, on the templates, provided by the application. For example, to congratulate all fans with some holiday, having written a wish with an autograph.


The more points you will get, the higher place in the list of those fans, who want to get an autograph, you will have. Your idol will pay attention, first of all, to the most dedicated fans.


Every day we give bonus points in 3-time amount to lift your spirits and to bring you even closer to your idol.

A fan has the right to get an autograph from his/her idol

The number of popular people increases every day. All of them find army of fans, many of which dream to get an autograph from their idol. The ATGRPF application facilitates signing of personal autographs on a photo and an idol can give a joy and recognition to a fan, wherever he/she is.

Achieve your dream, it is real

The ATGRPH is the first mobile application on the iOS and Android platform for signing of online autographs. We did our best not only for you, but also for ourselves. To get the desired autograph from your idol became real now, wherever you are.

Download. Rejoice.

The ATGRPH is available on two mobile platforms.

3 steps for getting an autograph from your idol

You are very close to your goal

Together, you can do much more

Bear in mind that any famous person becomes popular thanks to the support of his/her fans

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